Google Assistant reaches one billion devices

Wednesday, 09 Jan, 2019

LG Senior Director of Home Entertainment Marketing Tim Alessi discusses Google Assistant at the LG press conference at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center during CES 2019 in Las Vegas Nevada on January 7, 2019. These include Google Maps, Google Play Store, Gmail and YouTube, but it cannot be ruled out that in the future, others may arrive at this point.

Credit: GoogleThere's a common thread to the new phone-focused features coming to the Google Assistant, and it's consistent with other improvements Google's making to its digital helper.

According to Engadget, Samsung TV owners will be able to power on/off their sets, change channels, turn the volume up/down, and even swap inputs by talking to their smart device.

In the blog post, Google called 2018 another record year for its Google Home devices, stating that millions were sold over the holiday season with its smart display product, the Google Home Hub (which is still not available in Canada) as a top seller. But Google isn't giving up the fight for domination in the virtual assistant market, with some reports suggesting that Google had already won. As a result, Amazon's Alexa easily made it into the homes of millions of consumers. Google says it's looking to save users time by letting them do things more efficiently. This feature will be very useful in many settings as it should work with any Assistant-enabled speaker or display.

During media day yesterday, a number of new TVs were announced, and many have the Google Assistant built-in now. Amazon has for years worked to make it easy for third-party developers and manufacturers to build products and apps with Alexa, and this new platform could go a long way toward doing the same for the Google Assistant. Google Assistant now works with over 10,000 smart home devices. While impressive, the Mountain View company now expects this number to reach 1 billion by the end of the month.

Although Google Assistant will soon be available on ten times as many devices, Amazon Alexa is supported by almost three times as many smart home products.