Lawyer: Georgia prosecutor seeking info about R. Kelly

Friday, 11 Jan, 2019

Timothy also responded to critics who said he and his wife took Joycelyn to Kelly for help with a singing career, even though there were already allegations against him. reports prosecutors in Fulton County, Georgia have been reaching out to several people who participated in the program including Asante McGee, who allegedly escaped from R. Kelly's home. His music streamed 870,316 times on January 2, the day before the series premiere, but Nielsen said Thursday Kelly's music garnered almost 1.73 million streams after the sixth episode aired January 6.

Kelly, who turned 52 on Tuesday, then yells, "Y'all motherf**kers don't know". The Savages say they haven't heard from Joycelyn in two years.

It is unclear if investigators have had contact with Kelly or his attorneys.

Chris Hopper, a spokesperson, for the Fulton County district attorney's office, declined to comment.

On Tuesday, Foxx reached out to any potential victims of Kelly to come forward. Foxx said she found the claims in docu-series disturbing. I was sickened as a survivor. "I was sickened as a prosecutor".

Glenda Bridges, 55, of Austin, said she came to the protest with her daughter. Foxx stated that her office has already been in contact with the families of two alleged victims - both of whom are over the age of 18 - but empasized that cooperation from other victims or witnesses is essential in order for her office to properly investigate the claims.

A Cook County jury acquitted Kelly of all 14 counts of child pornography in 2008.

Kelly's Chicago-based lawyer, Steve Greenberg, dismissed the claims raised in the series in an interview with Billboard, casting them as "another round of stories" used to "fill reality TV time".

Greenberg says the state's attorney shouldn't be soliciting cases, adding there are no current complaints and no evidence because it didn't happen. Despite his legal troubles a decade ago, he still retains a following.

Another video shows Kelly singing "Bump 'N Grind" - including the lyric "I don't want to hurt nobody, but there's something that I must confess" - and telling the crowd, "Somebody make some motherf**king noise".

R. Kelly performs at the BET Awards in Los Angeles in June 2013.