Apple to launch three iPhones with new camera features this year

Saturday, 12 Jan, 2019

China's retailers are cutting iPhone prices amid poor sales in the country.

According to the publication, Apple has been developing a new LCD iPhone for several months and a switch would likely prove too costly.

According to CNBC's research on this issue, multiple retailers from China are selling iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR units via promotions that bring the final price tags considerably lower than the ones in Apple's official Chinese store.

Soon after the newspaper's report was published, expert concept render artist Ben Geskin posted mock-ups of the three handsets, based on 2018 iPhones. While this particular report does not give specific details about what the third camera can do, expectations and rumors point to it being an ultra-wide angle camera with a field of view similar to what you get with a GoPro. However, much of what has appeared in WSJ is interesting and can not be just overlooked.

We still have a long way to go before the next-gen iPhones arrive, but it makes sense that Apple will focus on the cameras in the iPhone 11 generation.

The devices are expected to include new camera features, such as a triple rear camera for its new higher-end model and a double rear camera for the other two models, the report said.

Apple has a big year ahead of itself. The smartphones could be revealed by Apple in September, when it regularly shows off its latest new models.

This isn't the first time we've heard rumours that the company plans to release a triple-camera iPhone.

In December, Apple started a trade-in promotion allowing consumers to trade their Android phones (including those from Huawei and Xiaomi) for credits toward buying new iPhones, Yahoo reported.

Earlier reports have also hinted at improved Face ID and new antenna technology in this year's iPhone lineup. "Or, Apple might be under pressure to clean out its stock of iPhones", he said.