United States federal shutdown becomes longest in history

Monday, 14 Jan, 2019

Congress on Friday passed legislation to guarantee back pay for all workers affected by the shutdown - both those who have been furloughed and those who have continued working as personnel deemed essential to the protection of life and property.

The federal government has entered Day 22 of a partial government shutdown, becoming the longest closure in US history. The No. 2 Senate Democrat, Dick Durbin, said Sunday on ABC that "if this president is going to turn to national emergencies every time he disagrees with Congress, I'm against it".

Graham said that in his conversation with Trump, the president indicated he would support "wall plus", meaning other immigration policies that so far congressional leaders in both parties haven't embraced and are seen as likely to further complicate the talks.

"If they can't do it".

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (pahm-PAY'-oh) says American diplomats' morale remains "good" despite the government shutdown that's left many of them working without pay.

The assessment from Graham, who has become close to Trump, suggested the shutdown could last for weeks longer, if not months, inflicting additional financial pain on the 800,000 federal workers who have been idled or required to work without pay for the duration. Sen.

Some Republicans on Sunday called for Trump to continue negotiating with Democrats rather than seek to declare a national emergency.

White House officials are expecting a quiet weekend at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

US President Donald Trump (C), with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen (L), speaks during his visit to US Border Patrol McAllen Station in McAllen, Texas, on January 10, 2019. Sixty-nine percent of the respondents who believe that there is a crisis at the border also felt that a border wall would help (amounting to 31 percent of the total respondents).

The president's anger was provoked by what he described as "a fake reporter from the Amazon Washington Post", who claimed that the White House was "chaotic" and lacked any plan for the shutdown. "I do have a plan on the Shutdown". "Elections have consequences!" he declared, meaning the 2016 election in which "I promised safety and security" and, as part of that, a border wall.

Morgan echoed President Trump's message to America by saying the current situation at the southern border is a "national security and humanitarian crisis".

Trump only recently backed away from talk of an emergency declaration, after pressing it for days as a way out of the continuing budget standoff.

Some studies show that illegal immigrants generally commit fewer crimes than people born in the United States, although not everyone agrees on this. And most narcotics are smuggled through heavily guarded checkpoints in vehicles, the government's Drug Enforcement Administration said in a 2017 report. The White House has contended that Democrats are refusing to negotiate, while Democrats accuse Trump of forcing government workers to go unpaid as leverage to get $5.7 billion for a wall that voters don't want.

"This is where I ask the Democrats to come back to Washington and vote for money for the wall, the barrier".

And Trump's stated reason for shutting down the government, securing funds for a border wall, also polled poorly.

In place of an olive branch to the Democrats, Trump has offered insults and accusations, and on Wednesday stormed out of a meeting with congressional leaders that he called at the White House.

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