Threatening cold to bring 'dangerous to impossible travel conditions' this week

Tuesday, 29 Jan, 2019

O'Hare International Airport received 3.1 inches, according to WMAQ, and the airport posted on Twitter that almost 600 flights were canceled. Wind chills could dip to negative 55 degrees in northern IL, which the National Weather Service calls "possibly life threatening".

The last time the region weathered temperatures this low was January 18-20, 1994, when Chicago recorded a windchill of minus 21, the NWS said.

All Georgia state offices will be closed Tuesday, Gov. Brian Kemp said. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is encouraging motorists to stay off the roads. Sunshine is also expected to be around from Wednesday through Friday.

"Only eight times since 1872 has Chicago recorded subzero highs on at least two consecutive days, the most recent being early February 1996", it said. Drivers are warned to look out for blowing snow and heavy travel delays during the Monday morning commute.

The Lehigh Valley is forecast to receive its next round of winter weather Tuesday, with anywhere between 3 and 6 inches of snow possible across the region, according to the National Weather Service.

"A couple inches of snow can fall in Jackson, Mississippi; Birmingham, Alabama; and Chattanooga, Tennessee", AccuWeather meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said.

Extreme cold is expected to cover a much larger area Tuesday through Thursday, sweeping southeast through IL and into the Ohio Valley.

The weather service says the Rockford area could get colder than the record low of minus 27 degrees (negative 32.8 degrees Celsius) on Wednesday. A wind chill of minus-20 degrees can cause frostbite in as little as 30 minutes. Wind chills will run -30 to -50 out that way by Wednesday into Thursday AM.

In addition to the harsh cold, heavy snow already hammered the upper Midwest and Great Lakes area on Monday, resulting in "dangerous to impossible travel conditions", according to CNN. "This is the coldest air many of us will have ever experienced".

There will be lows of under 30F in North Dakota, eastern South Dakota and Minnesota.

The winter storm will bring snow into parts of the Deep South on Tuesday. The Dakotas are grappling with blizzard conditions, the National Weather Service said.

The warning states: "A band of rain will arrive across Wales, northern and western England through the middle of Tuesday, then move eastwards through Tuesday afternoon and evening".