MPs reject bid to delay Brexit by extending Article 50

Wednesday, 30 Jan, 2019

The backstop is a safety net to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland if there's no Brexit trade deal.

Also on Brexiteers tempt Theresa May with removal of Irish backstop vote - will she bite?

It will be "extraordinarily difficult" for the United Kingdom to win concessions or remove the backstop unless it moves its own red lines, the official said.

Pound reaction: "Cooper/Boles we think is small upside for the pound, as delay is always preferable to a forced decision", said Royal Bank of Canada's chief currency strategist Adam Cole.

"There is limited appetite for such a change within the European Union and negotiating it will not be easy", May told the House of Commons.

Sir Graham's amendment requires the backstop to be replaced with "alternative arrangements" in order to prevent a hard border with Ireland.

Theresa May has set herself a very high bar in the days ahead: to secure legally binding changes to a withdrawal deal European Union leaders insist is closed.

"Let's see what the Prime Minister says at the despatch box today and what the Brady amendment really means", he told the BBC. That the European Union is now preparing for this eventuality comes just months after it was revealed the British government had already put aside hundreds of thousands of pounds to pay for the 2019 elections that legally weren't even meant to happen. I don't know so.

"The Prime Minister has been aware of the discussions".

Veteran Conservative Oliver Letwin: "I have actually got to the point where I am past caring what the deal is we have - I will vote for it to get a smooth exit ..."

People stand next to a mock militarised border crossing as they attend a protest by anti-Brexit campaigners, Borders Against Brexit in Carrickcarnan, Ireland, January 26, 2019.

A source in French President Emmanuel Macron's office said Tuesday: "The withdrawal agreement and the backstop are not renegotiable". May has pushed the European Union to put a time limit on the backstop, possibly in 2021.

Senior EU figures have stated that a renegotiation of the deal is only possible if May softens her Brexit negotiating red lines.

The report published today by the House of Commons" Exiting the EU Select Committee says that both the EU and UK have previously said that the matter of "citizens' rights' is a priority for them and that in the view of the MPs "The UK leaving the EU without a deal would cause real anxiety both for UK citizens living in the EU and EU citizens in the UK".

On Monday, May told a private meeting of Conservative lawmakers that the government wanted them to support Brady's amendment, if it is chosen by the Speaker of the House of Commons to be put to a vote. Some 321 MPs voted against the amendment versus 298 - a majority of 23. Voting on these amendments will take place one by one from 1900 GMT.

Mrs May's spokesman was asked whether there was any indication that Brussels might be ready to reconsider the backstop arrangements, either by reopening the Withdrawal Agreement or by attaching further conditions or assurances in the form of a codicil.

It was a victory for Theresa May as she sought to regain control of the Brexit process.

He said the Prime Minister should "exploit the cracks" emerging in their "illogical" position as he urged Ireland to work "constructively" with the UK.

Officials have been discussing the practicalities of implementing the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, which would allow the government to make any appropriate provisions to protect human life, health, safety and supplies, the Sunday Times said.