Rams cornerback on Tom Brady: ‘Age has definitely taken a toll.’

Wednesday, 30 Jan, 2019

The 41-year-old has heard it all year: he's too old; he's declining; the "cliff" has finally arrived.

Patriots safety Devin McCourty is unsure what his future holds after his team takes on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII, but he has not ruled out retiring if New England wins. The Rams are 3-point underdogs to a Patriots franchise trying to win its sixth Super Bowl.

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At last year's Super Bowl, coach Bill Belichick noted how rare it is for a player to be voted a captain in this second year, as McCourty was. In fact, there is a "zero" percent chance. "I think the game is going to go one of two ways, and not to be a hypocrite and play both sides of the fence, I believe the Pats are going to stomp them".

'I've set a goal for myself at 45.

On Tuesday, Jason McCourty said he hasn't spoken to his brother about retirement but playfully said, "He's a drama guy, so I am not surprised at all".

'Hopefully, I've learned from some of the things that happened this year to be better next year, but every year is tough'. We all know the rest and the Rams prevailed in overtime, 26-23.

"I don't regret it because I was always told to try new things", he told Reuters.

"I was asked a question about the difference between him in the past and him now, I said his age", he added.

But Robey-Coleman felt the Rams could get to Brady "all over the place" when the teams battle in the NFL's showpiece.