Big shake-up for upcoming DC Comics based films

Friday, 01 Feb, 2019

Reports say Gunn apologised for the tweets and removed them from his account as well. Ben Affleck is officially out as Bruce Wayne in The Batman. After being sacked by Disney and the fate of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 now up in the air, writer/director James Gunn was working on a new script for a Suicide Squad movie for DC. Rather than the grizzled veteran who acts out of fear, this new take on Batman has him moving into a mentorship role where he uses his experience to help other superheroes rather than work alone and terrorize criminals.

Recently, Warner Bros has been pouring its time and energy into projects with female leads (such as the hugely successful Wonder Woman), lesser-known superheros such as Aquaman or the anti-heroes found in Suicide Squad.

Obviously, that's not going to ever actually happen, but we can dream. The comics have a history of that.

Released in August 2016, it made close to $750 million worldwide on a $175 million production budget, was Warners' third-biggest hit of the year and the global box office number 10, despite a negative critical reception. Frankly, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the Snyders are once again involved in a DC movie, given their vast experience in Warner's sandbox. It is scheduled to release on June 25, 2021. "It's told very squarely on his shoulders, and I hope it's going to be a story that will be thrilling but also emotional". Maybe we can all finally get off the "Ben Affleck is Batman no more!" merry-go-round. Indeed, Hollywood Reporter now reveals that this film is being characterized as a "relaunch" with a substantially new assortment of characters, and James Gunn is in negotiations to direct. The story was set to follow Batman in his later years, with Ben Affleck original attached to direct and co-write the script alongside Geoff Johns. "He's supposed to be the world's greatest detective, and that's not necessarily been a part of what the movies have been", he said. "The Hypebeast account had posted a news alert stating, "@benaffleck will be hanging up his role as Batman.