PS Plus Members Get 10x More Cloud Storage Space Next Month

Sunday, 03 Feb, 2019

Maybe it'll give us a peek at its new hardware, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

All six free PS Plus games can be added to your library through the PlayStation Store links below or through the PlayStation Store app on your console.

Hitman: The Complete Season is absolutely superb and well worth giving a shot.

That 2TB will give you space for about 50 more games and you'll be able to play them as quickly as if they were on the PS4's internal drive, Seagate said in its release.

For PS4, subscribers can get For Honor, which drops gamers into the chaos of a raging battlefield during an ongoing war between three Great Factions: the bold Knights (the Legions), the brutal Vikings (the Warborn) and the enigmatic Samurai (the Chosen).

We already knew that, after February 2019, PlayStation Plus subscribers would no longer be getting free PS3 and PS Vita games as part of their monthly subscription packages. Gunhouse and Rogue Aces will both also hit PS Vita and PS4. Divekick is also cross-compatible with PS Vita.

The second game is the entire first season of Hitman.

Guns of the Patriots is the headliner for the last-gen lineup alongside Divekick. Focusing on Solid Snake, called "Old Snake" in the game, it pits players against Liquid Snake in an exhilarating action-stealth adventure.

Two big game titles are coming to the free games lineup for the month of February and they are quite good. Days Gone, Dreams, MediEvil, Ghosts of Tsushima, Concrete Genie, Death Stranding, Blood & Truth, and The Last of Us 2 are the majority of upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusives that will round out the consoles life.