Go Vegan, And You Could Win Beyoncé Tickets For Life…

Monday, 04 Feb, 2019

Is this a celebrity fad?

The first family of hip-hop wants you to go vegan - and their putting their money where their non-meat eating mouths are.

Remember all those articles that came out previous year advising us to switch to "flexitarian" diets in order to fight climate change?

All you have to do is be willing to lay off the meats and dairy for a while.

Beyoncé said her Greenprints are "plant based for breakfast" and "meatless Mondays".

It's clear that this competition does not ask people to become vegan - it merely encourages the fans to consciously reduce the amount of animal products in their diets. As an added incentive, she also teased that there's potential to win free tickets to not only her concerts but also Jay-Z's for LIFE!

Queen Bey recently launched a new endeavor called The Greenprint Project, created by the Carters and nutritionist Marco Borges, who previously teamed up with Knowles on vegan meal company 22 Day Nutrition four years ago.

According to the contest's mechanics, winners get up to 30 years of free concert tickets to the couple's shows, with a limit of one concert per tour.

The couple, who are advocates of veganism, have teamed up with the Greenprint Project to get people to consider choosing the plant-based diet.

For example, "by eating nine plant-based meals I could have the environmental impact equivalent to 14 trees absorbing harmful gases from the air in a month", it says. "Having children has changed our lives more than anything else", they wrote (via TIME). For instance, one page tells you that eating 50 plant-based meals is equivalent to 76 trees absorbing harmful gases from the air monthly.