Meghan Markle’s Friends Fear ‘Emotional Trauma’ Can Affect Her Baby

Friday, 08 Feb, 2019

Last week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex paid an unannounced visit to the charity One25 in Bristol, which helps street sex-workers.

"Meg asked him to stop victimising her through the media and talk to her, not them".

A source told the magazine: 'Meg and Harry were still so focused on getting [Thomas Markle] to London.

The five female friends, reportedly belonging to her inner circle, said he responded by asking her for a photo shoot to Meghan's genuine devastation, the report suggests.

A friend said they tried to get in touch with him but "Tom wouldn't take her calls, wouldn't take Harry's calls".

While the full article is in the magazine itself (and I'm flying to Hawaii later today so you best BELIEVE I'm buying it the second I land), People's site has some choice quotes, while USA breakfast show Good Morning America also reported on some of the interview.

It came after the anonymous quintet, who were only identified as "a longtime friend, a former colleague, a close confidante, a LA friend and former co-star" stood up against what they described as "the global bullying of our friend". It was like, 'Please pick up.

Dad, I'm so heartbroken. "I feel like in a few years we are going to look back at that moment and it's going to be so historic. Please stop victimising me through the media so we can fix our relationship", her letter reportedly read, according to the USA magazine.

This isn't the first time some of Duchess Meghan's friends have shared positive stories about the royal. "It's small and she's made it cozy, but the perception of their lifestyle and the reality are two very different things".

The duchess wrote on the fruit, in capital letters and often followed by a heart: "You are strong", "You are special", "You are brave" and "You are loved".

The Duchess recently said that her first child is expected in late April or early May, meaning she still has over two months to go before her baby is due.

They added: 'I think she will always feel genuinely devastated by what he's done'. We were the only two in the house.

They insisted that not only does she do her own make-up and styles herself, but also writes many of her - and Harry's - speeches. That pal says Meghan "made tea every day" and the "most lovely meals".

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She added, "It was raining and muddy outside, so the dogs got all dirty, and she's wiping them off with towels. I love you, and I'm scared.' It was endless", the friend continued.