One case of measles confirmed in Bell County

Friday, 08 Feb, 2019

Legislation in the state of NY permits vaccine exemptions for individuals who have religious beliefs against immunization.

A state of emergency was announced recently in the western US state of Washington after a measles outburst that has impacted over two dozen people and the majority of them are children.

The flawless storm of unvaccinated communities and a highly contagious disease mean more cases are certain.

One was an immunosuppressed man who had caught measles overseas three years earlier, while the other was a woman who acquired her infection in the UK.

As measles outbreaks are making headlines across the United States, it's time to sound the alarm on inappropriate personal vaccine exemptions and confront the deadly consequences of vaccine refusal.

Although there have been no cases reported at the University of Portland, Kaylin Soldat, family nurse practitioner at the Health and Counseling Center, wants students and parents to know how crucial vaccinations are. Concern over the vaccine can be traced back to a 1998 paper by former doctor Andrew Wakefield, who falsely linked the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism.

"Just because this was the first case we identified and confirmed, does not mean they are "patient zero" and the source of the outbreak", Armstrong said in an email.

The first cities listed as vulnerable?

Officials say those people were in close contact with the only other person confirmed to have the measles in Multnomah County.

The outbreak started near Portland, in OR, at the beginning of the year and speedily multiplied to Washington.

World Health Organization said the historic annual figure was three times higher than that of 2017 and 15 times greater than the record low reported in 2016. Five of the cases involve children, at least some of whom had received one round of the vaccination. The outbreak in Clark County has been concentrated mostly among unvaccinated children.

The surge in measles cases in 2018 followed a year in which the European Region achieved its highest ever estimated coverage for the second dose of measles vaccination (90% in 2017).

Public Health is not providing any additional information about the one case with one dose of MMR in order to protect the patient's privacy.

The Oregon Health Authority said Wednesday that measles was confirmed in the three people Wednesday but that they pose no risk to the public. To prevent illness, one dose of MMR vaccine must be given to unimmunized people within 72 hours of exposure.