Apple reportedly launching its video service in April sans Netflix and HBO

Thursday, 14 Feb, 2019

Just yesterday, for instance, word surfaced that some publishers were hesitant to join Apple's rumored news subscription service on account of Apple wanting 50% of all revenue.

An Apple subscription will also include free content, but customers will have an option to pay to access other content from providers.

Of course, Apple hasn't confirmed any details about an upcoming event, or even the existence of a paid-for news service. According to the website, Apple will be announcing all three products at the aforementioned date, though it should be noted that the technology giant was reported on several occasions to unveil the AirPods 2 during the month of March. Specifically, Apple is rumored to be planning a $10-a-month subscription tier for its News app that would include stories normally tucked behind paywalls. In fact, the service now has 85 million monthly active users and is the biggest news app in the US. To this point, Netflix late previous year removed the ability for new subscribers to sign up with iOS via in-app subscriptions, thus removing Apple's ability to earn 15% of all subscription fees in the process.

Also, if the March 25 event turns out to be subscription-focused, it isn't clear when new hardware will make an appearance.

That's according to BuzzFeed News, which cites sources who say the event will be held at the new Steve Jobs Theatre on the recently-completed Apple Park campus in California. The publication notes that it is unlikely that the company will talk about any physical products at the March event, including the AirPods 2 or the rumoured next-generation iPad mini.

That said, BuzzFeed News' sources did not say if Apple's video streaming platform will be shown off for the first time at the event. Another is Apple's supposed desire to get a minimum of one year of content from some publishers; some of the potential partners reportedly want more flexibility to leave the service.