Disney Releases Trailer for "Frozen 2" and It's Everything

Thursday, 14 Feb, 2019

While the Frozen 2 trailer reveals next-to-nothing about the sequel plot, it does tease a darker, more mature, and action-oriented direction for the sequel.

Disney confirmed the upcoming sequel in 2015 and in September 2017, Gad, who stars as the lovable Olaf, revealed that voice recordings had officially begun.

The first film told the story of two princesses of Arendelle.

The cast: Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell will again return as Elsa and Anna, with Jonathan Groff returning as Kristoff and Josh Gad as Olaf, according to Polygon.

Viewers, however, have become fixated at a glimpse of a possible new female character, with many speculating the mysterious redhead will be Elsa's girlfriend in the film.

Frozen 2 arrives this November.

At the end of the clip, Anna grabs Kristoff's sword and seems to fight off someone-or something. Excited, because I'm nothing if not here for any and all Disney properties.

Odd floating diamonds are seen hovering outside the castle, as Anna watches, in a short section of the trailer, prompting speculation.

Can we assume the diamonds are going to play a major part in the film?

We'll find out if that team can best their previous efforts when Frozen 2 premieres on Boxing Day.

The internet particularly lost it's mind over a new female character that makes a solo appearance during the teaser.and everyone is already saying she's Elsa's love interest!