Meghan Markle's being vilified the same way Diana was: George Clooney

Friday, 15 Feb, 2019

Now, she's planning to release a tell-all (and we use tell-all lightly) about her half-sister around the time Meghan's baby is born.

The letter received widespread coverage in Britain, with The Mirror newspaper consulting a handwriting expert to claim that the Duchess's writing reveals her to be "emotionally insecure and self-pitying". It's the same Amanda Wakely coat she wore in March 2018, and many were left wondering why it took her almost a year to dig it up out of her closet again.

Clooney and his wife attended the former Meghan Markle's wedding to Diana's son, Prince Harry, last year.

And now the couple's good friend George Clooney has given us yet another clue to go off while recently speaking out in defence of the Duchess and how she has been treated by the media.

Whoa. People did not take too kindly to George's comments and their knickers were (and might still be) in knots because how DARE he compare mean ol' Meghan to handsome, beloved Diana? With Markle entering her seventh-month in February, it's likely the new royal will make his or her appearance in April.

Bookmaker Ladbrokes said all bets placed on the gender of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby since the start of this week have favoured a boy at even-money.

Meghan, who was wearing a white Calvin Klein dress and a white Amanda Wakeley coat, held hands with Harry as she entered the museum where she was greeted with flowers given by 12-year-old Sage Saunders.

No one outside the royal inner circle knows for sure if there is ill will between Meghan and Kate.

In it, the Duchess pleads with her father to stop giving paid media interviews and to accept the help being offered to him. "Please allow us to live our lives in peace".

"I think there was a lot of naivety in the Diana era", she said.

"It's all become ridiculous, a tabloid scam", he said.

Clooney, a close friend of Markle and husband Prince Harry, warned of "history repeating" itself with the increasingly feverish media attention on the expectant royal couple.