Anna Soubry launches personal attack on 'delusional' Theresa May

Пятница, 22 Фев, 2019

Mrs May's spokesman dismissed the attack on immigration, insisting the Prime Minister was committed to a post-Brexit immigration system that "takes back control of our borders and allows us to continue to let in the brightest and best".

Ms Berger is one of eight former Labour MPs who have quit to join the new Independent Group over Jeremy Corbyn's approach to Brexit and anti-Semitism. This pitch for the Remain ground makes some sense electorally, but will surely restrict the group's size by putting off potential Labour defectors such as John Mann and Ian Austin, who are anti-Corbyn but pro-Brexit.

Critics say the divisions are acts of grandstanding party politics at a time of national importance, while supporters have applauded the move and say it demonstrates dissatisfaction with how both parties are being run. I would not be able to maintain my support of the Government.

May said in a statement she was "saddened" by the resignations and thanked the MPs for their "dedicated service to our party over many years".

There have always been signs that voters' 2016 decision to leave the European Union could spark a major overhaul of British politics, because Brexit has split both the Conservatives and Labour down the middle into feuding pro-Brexit and pro-EU wings.

"But I think the reality is there was widespread unhappiness with the fact he was hardly ever seen in the constituency, and didn't feel the need to do regular advice surgeries or do much casework, unlike our other two MPs".

Mr Benyon, who backed the defeated Remain campaign, said he had no intention of leaving the Conservative Party, adding that a focus on Brexit and anti-semitism was simplistic.

It's unclear whether the splintering of the long-dominant Conservative and Labour parties will help break Britain's political impasse over Brexit.

"But by delivering on our manifesto commitment and implementing the decision of the British people we are doing the right thing for our country".

South Cambridgeshire MP Heidi Allen has quit the Tory party to join the newly-formed Independent Group.

And she added: "Jeremy Corbyn has enabled and allowed a toxic culture to develop in too many parts of the Labour Party. They are the Conservative Party".

Chris Leslie, who left Labour on Monday along with six other MPs, is in favour of turning the group into a new party and has suggested he is against renationalisation of privatised utilities, conflicting with the current Labour leadership. I'm very sad indeed that they left.

Some Labour MPs have been criticising their former colleagues for joining forces with ex-Conservatives.

"I think the most sensible way forward is for the government to adopt what's become known as the Kyle amendment because it would do exactly what I said before there".

But one who is not about to join the new bandwagon is Cambridge's Labour MP Daniel Zeichner. So what we have is a party in waiting, starting off with the position of wanting to disrespect and overturn the largest democratic vote in Britain's history since universal suffrage was achieved.

How this changes the dynamics of upcoming votes on Brexit is unclear.