Lawyer Says Woman Who Joined IS a US Citizen

Friday, 22 Feb, 2019

President Trump said Wednesday that an Alabama woman who joined the Islamic State will not be allowed back into the United States. "Now I'm anxious about my son's future".

Another lawyer representing Muthana's family told The New York Times Muthana's dad provided a letter to officials when her first American passport was issued as a child, showing that he had been discharged as a diplomat.

Just this weekend, Trump took to Twitter to chastise European allies that have not taken back hundreds of Islamic State prisoners caught in Syria, where Trump plans to withdraw U.S. troops.

Shibly, based in Tampa, Florida, said he intends to file a legal challenge to the government's decision to deny her entry to the country.

With her 18-month-old son balanced on her lap, she said she had given up the extremist "ideology" that convinced her to leave her family and that she wanted to be welcomed home by the American people.

Trump's move to reject her plea for return was welcomed by many social media users. So she duped her parents into thinking she was going on a college trip, and instead bought a plane ticket to Turkey with her tuition money.

"If you are trying to make the case that others should take back their people, it stands to reason that you would do that, too", he said.

Muthana said she would tell us officials to "please forgive" her for "being so ignorant".

In late 2014, shortly after moving to Syria, Muthana posted on Twitter a picture of four women who appeared to torch their Western passports, including an American one.

Thousands of captured foreign ISIS fighters face an uncertain future in Kurdish prison camps as some want to return home, including several Canadians.

She demanded more Americans come to the self-proclaimed Caliphate and join the fight with ISIS.

"If he was no longer a diplomat at the time she was born, the exceptions shouldn't apply", he said.

Shamima Begum, a British teen who fled home to join Islamic State but now wanted to return to the United Kingdom, was facing having her citizenship stripped.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement released on Wednesday that Muthana's request will not be accommodated.

"She surrendered last month to the coalition forces fighting ISIS, and now spends her days as a detainee in a refugee camp in northeastern Syria". "I'm really traumatized by my experience".

Muthana is now being held in a refugee camp in northeast Syria.

Iraqi Shiite fighters from the Popular Mobilization units take off an Islamic State flag from an electricity pole on March 3, 2016, during an operation in the desert of Samarra aimed at retaking areas from ISIS jihadists. She has called for the killing of Americans on Twitter.

Muthana, who says she dodged sniper fire and roadside bombs to escape, is ready to pay the penalty for her actions but wants freedom and safety for the son, her lawyer said.

"We continue to strongly advise all United States citizens not to travel to Syria", he said.

"Americans wake up.go on drive byes and spill all of their blood.veterans, patriots, Memorial Day, kill them." . "I thought that I understood my religious beliefs, and I thought I had good friends, I stopped listening to my family and those who care about me and that was a big mistake". In a letter to her family, seen by CBS News, she wrote, "I was a naive, angry and arrogant young woman... seeing blood shed up close changed me".

"I was really young and ignorant when I was 19 when I chose to leave".