Liverpool 0 Bayern Munich 0

Пятница, 22 Фев, 2019

"We can not change it, we had the 10-day break and now we will not have any break anymore, now we play through - and if it was a problem then we will not have that problem anymore because now we play every three days". If we win tonight 1-0, what would have changed really?

"So - not ideal, but good enough to work with".

"We made life more hard with the last pass today - about 10 or 12 times a promising situation [fizzled out]".

Given both teams proficiency in attack, and their defensive troubles, many expected the tie to be a high scoring one. "We had enough chances I feel to score one or two", he said.

"We have opened the door for the second leg a bit, but I warn against going into the return leg with too much euphoria - it's not a result that is safe", Rummenigge, Bayern's chairman, warned.

"We know how good they are as a team, we know it'll be hard there again, but we've got experience in the Champions League and I feel that we can go there and hurt them". With three very presentable chances not converted, the African may well live to rue these moments in two weeks time when Bayern host Liverpool in Munich.

Klopp rejected the suggestion that the problem with the final pass was in any way a result of there having been 10 days between this contest and their previous game.

But a score draw in Munich in the second leg on March 13 would be enough to send Liverpool through to the quarter-finals and Robertson is confident they can achieve that goal.

"We were at home so of course we were disappointed".

Klopp yelled at Kovac - and later revealed he was "not over the moon" with this Champions League result.

Bayern fighting and scrapping like a souped-up version of Eintracht Frankfurt, Kovac's former team, could well be enough to reel in Borussia Dortmund at the top of the Bundesliga table.

From the way they have been playing under Solskjaer, I don't think there is much chance of United sitting back like Bayern did.

"When he came back I said I was waiting".

"I would argue that their current team is quite average in comparison to the ones that have made the Allianz Arena such a fortress in the past five years", he told the BBC.

Kovac added: "That was amusing".

"That was amusing. We were on English soil. In Germany it's normal when a game ends that you shake hands with your players and in England it is that first the coaches shake hands".