Monkees member Peter Tork dies at age 77

Пятница, 22 Фев, 2019

Peter Tork, the bassist for The Monkees and a jokester on the band's popular 1960s television series, has died at age 77.

A statement regarding his passing was posted to Tork's official Facebook page by one of his close friends. "We ask for your kindness and understanding in allowing us to grieve this huge loss privately".

In 2012 he was given the all-clear after bering diagnosed with a rare form of tongue cancer three years earlier, telling UKMusicReviews, "They carved it out of me and I have recovered exclusively from all of that".

Tork was a serious musician who pushed for the Monkees to create their own music instead of the outside musicians and songwriters the producers used when the show started.

Tork grew up in CT and was a part of the early Sixties Greenwich Village folk scene, where he befriended a pre-fame Stephen Stills. Tork split from the group shortly after their critically derided 1968 release "Head".

The band broke up at the dawn of the 1970s but reunited in various permutations in the following decades. The group put out nine albums between 1966 and 1970, with their debut album "The Monkees" going 5x platinum.

"On the other hand, the type of cancer it is, never mind the location, is somewhat well known, and the prognosis, I'm told, is good". "They were doing 'Clarksville, ' and I wrote a counterpoint, I had studied music", Mr. Tork said. From left, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Mickey Dolenz (on drums), and Michael Nesmith. "He formed an unsuccessful band called Release, was imprisoned for several months in 1972 after being caught with "$3 worth of hashish in my pocket", and worked as a high school teacher and "singing waiter" as his Monkees wealth dried up.

Jane Blumkell of fellow Monkee Micky Dolenz's production company tells The Associated Press Tork died Thursday morning. Jones died of a sudden heart attack the following year, but Nesmith soon rejoined the band and helped them resume their road work. Tork also recorded several solo albums, including "Step By Step" in 2013 and "Relax Your Mind", which released a year ago.

As for Pete, I can only pray his songs reach the heights that can lift us and that our childhood lives forever - that special sparkle that was the Monkees. "Take flight my Brother".