Trump Reacts Calmly to Report Special Counsel's Summary Is Near

Saturday, 23 Feb, 2019

Robert Mueller (above right) has been leading the special counsel investigation since it was launched in May 2017. "There's a lot of fake news out there".

The New York Times published a lengthy critique of President Trump, largely ignoring the fundamental concepts of due process, presumption of innocence and executive authority in its article that is heavy on speculation and verbiage that paints Trump in a negative light.

And the overwhelming majority of respondents - 93 percent - believed the Times was more credible.

"The phrase "enemy of the people" is not just false, it's unsafe".

Donald Trump has staged an extraordinary attack on the Russian Federation investigation over two years.

The Justice Department issued a statement Tuesday that sidestepped the question of whether Whitaker and Trump discussed putting Berman in charge but asserted that Trump never demanded a commitment from Whitaker to intervene in any investigation into the president.

The Times responded to Trump's tweet early Wednesday afternoon with a tweet defending its reporting.

Cohen was granted a few more weeks of freedom Wednesday after his lawyers said he's still recovering from surgery and hasn't had time to get his affairs in order because he's preparing to testify before Congress.

The President targeted Jeff Sessions with repeated attacks after the then-Attorney-General recused himself from Mr Mueller's investigation, before eventually firing him.

US President Donald Trump is attempting to discredit a news report that says he asked his then-acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker whether he could put a Trump ally in charge of an investigation into hush money paid to women during the 2016 presidential campaign.

There is no evidence that Whitaker intervened with the investigation underway in the Southern District.

"It was remarkable to me that we were in a time that the leader of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the leader of the Department of Justice, certainly with respect to this investigative effort, that we were having conversations that would include mentions of things like the 25th Amendment", McCabe said.

"The President's brazen public behaviour might be his best defence", wrote the Times.

The special counsel has already charged six associates from Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and has indicted or extracted guilty pleas from 34 people and three companies.

His top campaign adviser Michael Flynn resigned after coming under investigation by the FBI for contact with Russians and secret foreign lobbying for Turkey. Cohen, in admitting to his crimes, said he had done so at Trump's direction.