Jussie Smollett Removed from Final Two 'Empire' Season 5 Episodes

Monday, 25 Feb, 2019

Smollett was charged last week with disorderly conduct and filling a false police report after claiming two men who hurled racist and anti-gay slurs and looped a rope around his neck. During that time, they worked together on "Empire", socialized outside of work, and worked out together.

Smollett's legal team, meanwhile, has pushed back against the allegations, for which he faces up to three years in prison.

The texts includes messages from Abel urging Smollett to remember his cardio and even outlines healthy menus for him to follow. Smollett has been convicted in the court of public opinion, but only there thus far.

Twentieth Century Fox Television said in a new statement.

Smollett is counted among the series regulars.

The brothers also told the grand jury that they had nothing to do with the threatening letter mailed to Jussie Smollett 8 days before the "attack".

The announcement comes a day after Smollett, who plays Jamal Lyon on the Fox series, was arrested and released on Dollars 10,000 bond on suspicion of filing a false report about an incident on January 29 where the actor had claimed that he was attacked by two men screaming racial and homophobic slurs while leaving a restaurant in Chicago.

Earlier on Thursday, Fox Entertainment said that all options were being considered on how best to move forward in light of the felony charges against the actor.

"We understand the seriousness of this matter and we respect the legal process". In a new report, TMZ also claims that Smollett didn't pay the Osundario brothers $3,500 for the attack as previously stated by Chicago investigators, but claims he paid for a nutrition and workout plan.

"I'm sorry I've put you all through this and not answered any calls", Smollett reportedly told people on set Thursday night.

"The left is nothing but phony hate crimes, phony alleged hate crimes, phony charges, made-up stories", Limbaugh said.

TMZ's exclusive sources say that during their grand jury testimony, both brothers confirmed that they were paid for a 5-week training program and not for the "attack".

The 36-year-old African-American actor is accused of filing a fake police report claiming he was the victim of a homophobic and racist assault.

Yesterday, Jussie's lawyers said they will "mount an aggressive defence" and that he "fiercely and solemnly maintains his innocence" after he was charged.