UK PM Theresa May postpones vote on Brexit deal until March 12

Monday, 25 Feb, 2019

Leo Varadkar has travelled to Egypt to take part in the first ever EU-Arab League summit in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Britain is due to leave the European Union on March 29 and Prime Minister Theresa May has still to secure parliamentary approval for a divorce deal agreed with the European Union previous year, increasing the chances of a disorderly exit from the bloc.

"We won't bring a meaningful vote to parliament this week but we will ensure that that happens by the 12th of March", May told reporters on board her plane.

Instead, Theresa May said MPs would have a final say on Brexit by the 12th March.

The summit, scheduled on February 24-25 in Egypt's Sharm al-Sheikh city, will bring together for the first time heads of states and government from both sides. But as she said on the way to Sharm el-Sheikh, she does not yet have a new deal to put to the House of Commons.

"We attach high hopes to this summit to make a major breakthrough in global political positions in favor of the Palestinian cause", he said.

The Egyptian president pointed out that the Arab countries and the European Union have historical ties of cooperation across the Mediterranean based in its strength on considerations of geographic proximity, cultural extension, mutual interests through decades, shared values and a honest desire for peace and stability.

At an EU-Arab League summit in Egypt, May will try to win the backing of the bloc's leaders to secure the changes and ease increasing frustration in Europe over the political impasse in Britain over a deal that was agreed with London in November.

Speaking about a mechanism to follow up the summit's outcomes, al-Habas said that the decisions of the summit will be followed up through several mechanisms, including the Secretariat of the AL and the Secretariat of the European Union as well as joint meetings at various levels.

When Theresa May came back to parliament again on Valentine's Day and asked MPs to reaffirm those two amendments, she suffered an embarrassing defeat, after a rebellion by the backbench European Research Group (ERG).

"This decision to further delay the meaningful vote is the height of irresponsibility".

However, there have been a number of tensions in the EU-Arab relationship, which hindered the progress in developing stronger ties and solutions for regional and global problems.

Mrs May, who is continuing to press for changes to the Northern Ireland backstop, has vowed to Conservative grassroots activists she will not allow the 2016 Brexit result to be frustrated.

May is expected to address Parliament on Brexit later Tuesday, followed by a debate. "That's what we're working for and that's what I'm working for".

In a January report, the World Bank warned that a no-deal Brexit is a risk to the U.K., Europe and any other countries that trade heavily with them.

"The Government will be bringing back, working with the European Union, and will want to put a deal to the House of Commons in a meaningful vote".