Fears 'Momo Challenge' may lead to child deaths

Четверг, 28 Фев, 2019

We also provide people who have expressed suicidal thoughts, and people who want to reach out to a friend who may be struggling, with a number of support options and resources. The sick craze has led one school to organised a workshop about online safety for parents.

The email from the police also highlighted concerns over the game "being used by hackers 'seeking and harvesting information".

We should be talking to our children about online safety and the things they may encounter and how we have to go about our online life.

The Haslingden Primary School said in a statement: "We have become increasingly aware of highly inappropriate videos circulating online and are being viewed by children across the school".

At Lordswood the message to parents asked them to "be aware" of the advert popping up on children's games and apps which could be "very distressing".

A twisted online game called The Momo challenge is sweeping the internet, and parents are being given tips on how to handle the terrifying situation. NOS recommends parents set up controls for devices at home and even suggests turning off the YouTube suggested autoplay feature to "stop your child from viewing content that they have not directly selected".

The Momo challenge has been allegedly linked to deaths of children around the world - a 12-year-old girl from Argentina and boys in France and Belgium - reported by their parents as having happened after some interaction with the risky online game.

A spokesman said: "The constantly evolving digital world means a steady influx of new apps and games and can be hard for parents to keep track of". We talked to them about what to be cautious about online.

A unsafe social media craze targeting young children has sparked concerns - but north-east officers said parents "should not panic".

Some believe the challenge which is going viral again is all an urban legend.

Be there when your child is online.

"People are claiming what Momo is and what Momo does, but not that many people have actually interacted with the account", she told The Post.

With reports like that, parents are concerned.

'In the vehicle on the way home from school yesterday, I asked Honey or Ronnie if they knew what "Momo" meant?

This Momo video on YouTube scares me bec my 9 year old cousin watches videos on YouTube A LOT.

Jessica Edwards first heard about the Momo Challenge Tuesday morning from her sister.

"My daughter hasn't received anything, it was just a video of Momo sending codes to people but she said she didn't like it and it frightened her". I'm being warned it's on @ YouTube KIDS and @ FortniteGame is it? "I simply asked her if she had seen it before and the look on her face was nervousness".