Labour party leader, under pressure, backs a new Brexit referendum

Friday, 01 Mar, 2019

And 86% of those who took part said they were pleased with Jeremy Corbyn's support for a second referendum.

The French president said there would need to be a clear objective to delaying the UK's exit from the European Union, in comments that will inevitably raise cross-party concerns among those seeking to take no-deal Brexit off the table.

While that was widely expected, Labour had said this week that its failure would be the trigger for the main opposition party to pledge its support for a new referendum.

Mr Nuttall said: "We have had four votes on this - the European elections in 2014, which UKIP won, the General Election in 2015, which initiated the EU referendum of 2016 and a General Election in 2017, in which both Labour and Conservative parties had manifestos that promised to uphold the result of the referendum".

That is despite the government having to promise to offer votes on a no-deal Brexit and an extension to Article 50 next month to avoid a Tory rebellion in the House of Commons.

Seven MPs have resigned from the Labour Party to stand as independents under the grouping "The Independent Group", strikingly in tune with The Independent; independent in name, centre left in nature.

He also recounted singing "Celebration" in response to the resignations of a number of Labour MPs last week, many of whom cited antisemitism as a reason for their departure.

That could give opponents of exiting the European Union their biggest chance to stop it since the 2016 vote in which 52 percent of Britons backed leaving, although there is still no majority in parliament for a new referendum.

The prime minister will now put her withdrawal agreement to a meaningful vote by 12 March.

Under the new plan, if she fails to come up with a deal that wins MPs' support by March 12, Mrs May would call a vote on a no-deal Brexit on March 13 and, if that is voted down, another vote on delaying Brexit on March 14.

Britain is due to leave the European Union on 29 March but is now on course to do so without a deal after British MPs overwhelmingly rejected the withdrawal agreement in January.

What was Labour's Brexit stance before?

Ronnie Bell: "What has a Labour party ever done for people in the North East in the last 50 years?"

France will block Brexit delay without "new choice" by UK (Guardian): Emmanuel Macron has said France will block a Brexit delay unless there is a "new choice" by Britain, as Spain's prime minister said that merely postponing the no-deal deadline would not be "reasonable or desirable".

"Parliament is only reflecting public opinion which is also split, with some wanting a no deal Brexit even if it cost millions of jobs, others wanting a softer Brexit with trade deals with Europe, others wanting to stay but with conditions attached and others wanting to remain with no conditions attached".

Among other things, Labour is calling for a permanent UK-EU customs union.

That is the date on which MPs will vote again on her deal. MPs first need to vote on Wednesday on Labour's own softer version of Brexit, which would keep Britain in an European Union customs regime and single market.

Given the small margin of the original Leave vote, and all that has happened in the intervening years, it looks very unlikely that a majority of Britons would vote to leave a second time around.

May was stating the obvious: that if MPs vote down her deal, the United Kingdom will have to apply for an extension.

Another option would be a two-part question on the issue of Mrs May's deal.