Men Dies In Dark Phoenix Trailer (Spoiler)

Friday, 01 Mar, 2019

We have a new trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which will quite possibly be the last X-Men movie before its roster of characters get sucked into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thanks to Disney's acquisition of its maker 21st Century Fox. For a story that goes to space, includes a character turning against her team, and having near-unlimited power to play with, it just looks grey and small. But now it's pretty clear she just showed up as a favor before being killed off.

She may look supportive of Jean, but Chastain's character has other motives. Obviously, the responsible thing to do here is to hold off on rendering any verdicts until we've seen the entire film, but based exclusively on this trailer it seems there may be cause for concern. We also see glimpses of other X-Men stars attempting to grapple with the Dark Phoenix as she wreaks havoc on the world.

Throughout the trailer Chastain is seen talking with Jean Grey, giving her more information about the Phoenix Force inside of her. "She's becoming the most powerful mutant - or most powerful entity - in our world", says Kinberg, "losing control as they're getting more and more powerful".

The film is written and directed by Simon Kinberg (Logan). "I mean, if you're going to do a comic book movie, you want to move stuff with your mind, right?" she explained. "Mystique's death is the thing that fractures the family of the X-Men, including Magneto [Michael Fassbender], and sets people who were friends on opposite sides, and people who were enemies become allies".

After the slightest of pauses, she smiled wickedly and added, "Maybe kill some?" "Even more than that, it was to show that Jean/Dark Phoenix is genuinely a threat to everyone, including the X-Men".

Grey is anxious too, admitting, 'When I lose control, bad things happen to people I love'. Her death impacts literally everybody.

"Fanboys and girls did not love the movie [X-Men: The Last Stand]".

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix" centers around this struggle of Jean's.

"Sometimes, we want to believe people are something that they are not..."

The second trailer of Dark Phoenix is out.

X Men: Dark Phoenix is slated for release in June 2019.