Trump tweets Cohen grilling may have led to failure with N. Korea

Вторник, 05 Мар, 2019

But Bolton added that there was "no expiration" date on the diplomatic track with North Korea and that the continuing nuclear production did not reduce Washington's leverage. Trump said they could have held it a few days later and had more time to prepare.

A day after the summit, he said in a speech that South Korea will negotiate with the USA on ways to restart the frozen joint projects north of the border - a mountain resort and a factory park where South Korean firms used North Korean labor to produce goods.

On Sunday, he said the hearing may have contributed to the breakdown. The summit ended abruptly, as both sides could not agree to a deal that would result in North Korea dismantling its nuclear weapons. "We have seen little change thus far", David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors USA, said. At the same time in Washington, Cohen was testifying before a congressional committee, labelling the USA president a "racist" and "conman".

"He is a racist".

Trump tweeted about the testimony's apparent negative fallout just hours after National Security Adviser John Bolton hailed the truncated talks in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Earlier in the interview with CNN, Rogers also took issue with Trump's insistence that the House Oversight and Reform Committee's decision to schedule a hearing with his former lawyer Michael Cohen had interfered with the worldwide summit.

As for Bolton, he flat-out refused to give an opinion on the matter that didn't align with the president. He deepened his relationship with Kim Jong Un.

"I don't agree at all that it was a failed summit", Bolton said on "Fox News Sunday".

Moon helped set up the first meeting between Trump and Kim last June when they agreed to a vague aspirational statement about a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula without describing how and when it would occur. North Korea's Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho later disputed Trump's claim, saying Pyongyang only asked that United Nations sanctions imposed during 2016 and 2017 be lifted.

It is not necessarily true that the North Korean summit was a failure, however; for the North Koreans, it appears to have again been a rousing, if inexplicable, success.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, took issue with Bolton's response.

As Trump wrapped up his trip to the summit last week, he complained that Democrats had scheduled the hearing at the same time as his negotiations.

"I think that this was a spectacular failure but made all the worse by the president's obsequious comments when it came to the murder of an American citizen, Otto Warmbier", the Democratic lawmaker said.

Compounding criticism of the summit, Trump sparked a firestorm by his remarks on the case of an American student tortured and left in a coma in North Korea.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was among those needling Trump about the collapse of the talks in Hanoi.

Otto Warmbier arriving at a court for his trial in Pyongyang, North Korea, March 16, 2015.

() U.S. national security adviser John Bolton.

The maneuvers have been a perennial target of North Korean fury - condemned by Pyongyang as provocative rehearsals for war.