Gayle King interviews 2 women who are reportedly dating R. Kelly

Saturday, 09 Mar, 2019

The family members said they had not spoken to Joycelyn Savage in two years and she is being held against her will.

"Well, my parents knew where I have always been". Kelly has repeatedly denied all accusations. "But without her cooperation, the investigation is at a standstill", Craig told The News.

R Kelly was arrested last month on 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault and was released on $100,000 bail. The 36-year-old was charged with felony disorderly conduct, a charge that could bring up to three years in prison and force the actor to pay for the cost of the investigation into his report of a 29 January beating.

The chief says in regards to an alleged crime in Detroit he is trying by any means possible to get ahold of the alleged victim. The charges say Kelly used force or the threat of force. His defense attorney said at the time that Kelly's finances were "a mess".

The tweet said that Gayle King said Kelly coughed loudly throughout the Savage and Clary interview. "And they're just very upset", Savage added. "Yes. And they said, because if they ever have to blackmail him - what they're trying to do now - they can use it against him, which is exactly what they're doing", replied Clary.

Clary became defensive when King asked if they were in a three-way sexual relationship with Kelly. "I would never share with no one what I do in or outside of the bedroom".

"I'm crying because you guys don't know the truth".

The two young women, aged 21 and 23, who met R Kelly while they were teenagers, slammed claims made by their parents that they were brainwashed by the "Pied Piper".

Clary called her father "manipulative".

Michael Avenatti, a lawyer for two of Mr Kelly's alleged victims, has responded to the singer's double jeopardy comments.

"We have never received a penny from R. Kelly. Their mothers and fathers told me, 'We're going to destroy your career'".

On Wednesday's broadcast, Kelly's emotions swung wildly as he explained he was simply someone with a "big heart" who was betrayed by liars who hoped to cash in. He said he had "zero" relationship with his three children but knows they love him. Watch the interview footage with Kelly here; watch the interview with Savage and Clary here. "If you can't see that you're ignorant and you're stupid".

His girlfriends have now defended him in an interview with Gayle King. "She sang and she couldn't sing".

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said they were eagerly waiting to speak to the alleged victim and had plans to fly her into MI for an interview. "If I stood up even to comfort him, that could have been his invitation to say, 'This is over.' So I didn't interrupt his anger and let him have that", she said. "It's cause she was attractive". She also asked him to talk about his reaction to the streaming sites like Spotify removing his music from playlists. He finally did, but he was rearrested on Wednesday for failing to pay child support and taken back to jail.

A judge in Chicago said he would be held until he paid $161,000 (£122,000) owed to his ex-wife and their children. She also said her parents had threatened to leak naked photos of her unless Kelly sent them tens of thousands of dollars.

A spokesperson for the Cook County Sheriff's Office said Kelly would not be released from jail until he pays the full child support debt. Kelly asked as tears streamed down his face. How can I take care of my kids? How? "I'm telling y'all. I flew in on a helicopter with a damn puppy", Kelly exclaimed. I'm not disrespecting her. We had three handsome kids ... He eventually gave her herpes four years later.

The couple reconciled and the order was rescinded a few weeks later.

"Our parents are basically out here just to get money", Joycelyn, who met Kelly at a concert when she was just 19, said.

Police are investigating a 30-year-old woman's claim that she was sexually assaulted by R. Kelly about 18 years ago.