Demands for air strike proof making Pakistan 'happy': Modi

Sunday, 10 Mar, 2019

The JeM is a UN-designated terrorist group that has been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks and is a threat to regional stability. The minister said consequent to the government's efforts and effective diplomacy, the perception about Pakistan had changed in the US.

Prime Minister Khan has repeatedly said that Pakistan desired peace and stability in the region as it was essential for the government's efforts to pull the people out of poverty and attract investment.

"A solution to a conflict that touches so many religious and nationalist nerves must ultimately come from within, through talks among India, Pakistan and the people of [occupied] Kashmir. If Khan does not take these steps, I'm afraid Pakistan will continue to slide into worldwide isolation, which will only serve to increase economic hardship on the Pakistani people", the Indian-American Congressman said.

Citing a document of Pakistan's civil aviation authority, the IAF said the neighbouring country has opened its airspace with Oman, Iran, Afghanistan and China only and the 11 entry and exit points located along Indo-Pak airspace were still closed.

Within an hour or so of the suicide attack on an Indian paramilitary convoy in Pulwama on Feb 14 in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) that killed 40 Indian soldiers (many of them Sikhs), near hysterical Indian news anchors and Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP's) hardcore cadres went berserk blaming Pakistan.

The Pakistan government earlier arrested the brother and son of JeM chief Masood Azhar along with 42 others affiliated with the banned terror outfits. "Pakistan desires to resolve the core regional dispute through dialogue", he said.

The US-based daily, "The New York Times" says though tensions have cooled down between India and Pakistan but the two countries face unpredictable consequences as long as they refuse to deal with Kashmir issue.

The FIR details the damage suffered by 19 small and big trees after the Indian fighter jets dropped their payload in Balakot on February 26. The next day, Pakistan Air Force retaliated and downed a MiG-21 in an aerial combat and captured its pilot, who was handed over to India on March 1. A grenade exploded at a bus station on Thursday, killing one person and injuring dozens. The accusation was vehemently rejected by Islamabad but Prime Minister Khan, in order to prevent a confrontation, promised that if India shared "actionable evidence", Pakistan would investigate it.

A move is afoot at the United Nations security council to designate him a terrorist, which Pakistan has resisted for years, with China, its "all-weather friend", blocking three previous attempts.