Kelly Accused of Giving 13-Year Old Girl Herpes

Sunday, 10 Mar, 2019

As fans know, Kelly's had a number of financial issues, including unpaid rent and unpaid child support. "I wouldn't look him in the eye because he's a liar".

The singer's next child support hearing is set for March 13 and his next court date on the sex abuse charges is scheduled for March 22.

"What I saw on TV this morning, about the way he acted, when he got upset, I can only imagine what he does behind closed doors", Savage's mother Jonjelyn said.

This is not the first time Detroit and Kelly, 52, shared a headline.

Joycelyn agreed, commenting, "Both our parents are basically out here trying to get money and scam, because they didn't agree on what happened, you know, with music or whatever it could be. Negativity sells, gossip is what sells, rumors are what sell". The woman, now 30, said she and Kelly later had sex at a Detroit recording studio a few weeks later - and went on to have a four year tryst with him. While he denied the claims, he also blamed the parents of his alleged victims for "selling" their daughters to him.

"A very strong relationship as well", added Savage. Apparently, many people have had access to his Bank Of America account over the years.

His attorney entered not guilty pleas in that case for him, and on CBS, Kelly maintained he was innocent. They defended Kelly during an interview with CBS This Morning, and claimed their parents are trying to shake down Kelly for money he apparently doesn't have. "I don't know how to hogtie people!"

Kelly explained the amount he had left in his account was the reason he was unable to pay his $100,000 bail in February and why he still owes ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, nearly $200,000 in child support.

Clary's parents denied wanting money from Kelly a statement released on Wednesday.

Separately, Kelly was taken into custody Wednesday over failure to pay child support and was jailed, according to the Cook County Sheriff's Office in Chicago. Clary went on to say that "if you can't see that" their parents are making up "fucking lies for money", then "you're ignorant and you're stupid as fuck".

Her multi-part interview with R. Kelly for CBS this week was a big enough deal, Gayle King told Stephen Colbert on Thursday's Late Show, that Elton John had just called her in the dressing room.

R. Kelly's jail booking photo over failing to pay child support.

In the recent Lifetime documentary "Surviving R. Kelly", commentators pointed out the case against him fell apart because there was "no victim", as the alleged minor in the video insisted it was not her and refused to testify.

Attorney Michael Avenatti, who is representing two women Kelly allegedly victimized, two parents, and two "whistleblowers" in the matter, appears to have officially endorsed the theory that Kelly was engaging in thinly veiled intimidation.