CT Dems hope vote condemning anti-Semitism ends furor

Monday, 11 Mar, 2019

Republicans, including Donald Trump, have called on Pelosi to remove Omar from her position on the House foreign affairs committee, a step Democratic leaders have so far resisted.

The House, which is controlled by Democrats, will vote Thursday on a broad resolution condemning anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim discrimination and other forms of bigotry. She has yet to apologize for doing so.

Speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition in 2015 during his presidential campaign, Trump said, "you're not going to support me because I don't want your money". Omar, a Somali refugee who resettled in Minnesota, had sparked fiery debate with her repeated criticisms of Israel and how a powerful pro-Israel lobby in Washington exerts influence on U.S. politicians.

Not only was Omar's name left out of the resolution but so was a series of Israel-bashing slanders that were uttered at the event. The vote, which was scheduled to take place at 3:15 p.m., was delayed so the text could include an expanded list of victims of persecution. The final resolution made no mention of Omar and instead focused generally on all hate speech.

The resolution passed 407-23.

Trump addressed reporters Friday at the White House and offered remarks about a Thursday House vote on a resolution condemning hate. "No 3 house r Liz Cheney, Lee zeldin and Louie Gohmert vote no. Jeff Duncan present". I think we deserved it. "They've become an anti-Jewish party, and that's too bad".

Democrats boast the most gender- and ethnically diverse House in US history after November's election, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi found herself embroiled in the downside of what that diversity means.

"The issue for me is we're not condoning anti-Semitism or anti-Muslim sentiment", she said.

McCain later choked up when she mentioned former Democratic Sen.

Rep. John Larson D-1st District, said the vote on the resolution was "common sense".

"Today is historic on many fronts", they wrote.

Omar's critics denounced the statement as playing into the anti-Semitic trope that Jewish Americans are loyal to Israel over the United States.

Criticizing Israeli policies towards Palestinians is not inappropriate in itself.

Around 60 Democrats boycotted the speech, saying it was an overreach by Speaker John Boehner, Netanyahu and Aipac - one also created to make it look as if Republicans were more pro-Israel than Democrats. However, criticizing Israel using anti-Semitic tropes is inappropriate and should be condemned. Omar apologised at the time. But Ms. Omar doesn't care at all for the hurt her idiotic remarks may cause.

This week, the Democratic Party proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is willing to not only countenance but embrace anti-Semitism, so long as the anti-Semitism comes from members of their intersectional coalition. But in dealing with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Democrats are blowing their chance.

Pocan, who is co-chair of the House's LGBT Equality Caucus, recalled leading a delegation of five members of Congress two years ago to East Jerusalem and the West Bank's Ramallah and Hebron, the latter of which was the scene of the 1929 massacre of 67 Jews.

But polls and interviews with the Democratic grassroots show that the move may have simply slapped a Band-Aid on a festering wound. They're right - although calling for the destruction of the state of Israel or holding Israel to a double standard compared to other countries surely is.