Disney Grants Your Wish With Aladdin's First Full Trailer

Wednesday, 13 Mar, 2019

The film is the latest in this new wave of live-action remakes of classic Disney animated films, which include Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Maleficent and Dumbo, which releases this month.

The brand new trailer for Disney's live-action adaptation of Aladdin is officially out. In terms of milking that nostalgia, this trailer certainly did a solid job, even if the movie's still looking pretty rough in places.

In the meantime, catch the full Aladdin trailer below. Aladdin says, "Do you trust me", before taking Princess Jasmine on the magic carpet, which is the same thing he says in the animated film. Plus, Will Smith's charisma absolutely shines in this role, and it looks like we'll love his Genie as easily as we did Robin William's Genie in the cartoon.

"Will Smith as the genie looks like what one of those kids from the 90's Fruit Gushers commercials would look like if they never found a cure for their fruit curse", wrote another. It may seem like a small nitpick, but it points to what could be fundamental flaws in Disney's conception of this new Aladdin.

Before granting his request, Smith's Genie tells Aladdin to be more specific.

Disney is offering another glimpse into the upcoming Aladdin film with their second full-length trailer, which premiered on March 12 on Good Morning America. Both signature songs are featured in the new footage.

Aladdin trailer: The Guy Ritchie live action film starring Will Smith as Genie releases on May 24. One other user tweeted, "This is the BEST the movie has looked so far!" Almost 27 years later, the live-action remake will return to the big screen nationwide May 24, 2019.