Facebook and Instagram outage frustrates users around the globe

Thursday, 14 Mar, 2019

About an hour after users noted the outage, Facebook responded on Twitter.

The social media giant, which owns Instagram, said it was aware of issues people were having with Facebook's suite of apps. "We are investigating the issue and working on a resolution", Facebook wrote, adding that it is "investigating".

According to DownDetector.com, tens of thousands of users haven't been able to access their social media accounts since roughly noon Eastern Standard Time.

Instagram has not issued a message through Twitter.

On Wednesday, Facebook Ads Manager, the lifeblood of advertising, was out of order, along with the rest of the platform.

According to CNET, Facebook and its sister site Instagram have been having problems since 9 a.m. Wednesday.

Some joked that the lack of access to Facebook would deprive them of validation.

While some are reporting slower loading times or the inability to send messages, some are saying they can't login to the site at all or use the app. Users began reporting issues at around 4pm GMT, with full access to the platforms still ongoing.

We will update this article, as soon as we receive any updates regarding the issue.

It is not known if this is a planned outage, a problem with their servers, or if the service is under attack. Many said their Instagram stories are crashing and there are glitches while logging in. Facebook Messenger's desktop version did not load - but the mobile app appeared to allow the sending of some messages, but users reported glitches with other kinds of content, such as images.

Others are seeing a red box which states that Facebook is down for "required maintenance" but will be back up "within a few minutes" or "a few hours".