Facebook temporarily pulled Warren ads about breaking it up

Thursday, 14 Mar, 2019

According to a report in Politico Monday evening, Facebook had taken down several ads from Ms. Warren's presidential campaign that touted her vow to break up Facebook, along with Google and Amazon. The ad, apparently and understandably, did not sit well with someone at Facebook, however, with Politico reporting that three such ads were unavailable as of Sunday morning.

In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson said the company originally removed the ad because it violated Facebook's prohibitionagainst modifying its corporate logo. She used the flap to warn that it was unsafe for cyberspace to by "dominated by a single censor".

The US lawmaker from MA announced her plans last week to break up the tech giants, arguing in a blog post that they've "hurt small businesses and stifled innovation". "And then, like we do with most things we want to get the word out about, we put up a video ad about her plan on Facebook", the email read.

Sen. Warren outlined her plans to restore real competition in the tech sector while assailing the sins of Big Tech in a lengthy blog post published on Medium.com entitled "Here's how we can break up Big Tech". 'Think about it: other than this weird Warren use case, who could possibly be legitimately using the company's name?' Facebook's former security chief Alex Stamos also took to Twitter to explain that the decision to ban Warren's ads wasn't done knowingly.

2020 Democratic presidential candidates are looking to target big tech companies.

Unless they too are cut down to size, breaking up United States tech companies would only provide temporary breathing space before their Chinese counterparts rush in and take over.

After Politico noticed the move, Facebook restored the ads.

Warren argues that spinning off WhatsApp and Instagram back into separate, competing companies would press Facebook to improve its "user experience" and "protect our privacy". That tiny spend begs the question: Was getting the ad taken down intentional? Thanks for restoring my posts.

Ms Warren responded to the removal of the adverts in a tweet saying Facebook's ability to "censor" what people saw was a good demonstration that it had too much power.

The ads apparently used Facebook's logo without permission. "Facebook, Amazon, and Google" reads one of the ads.