Boeing Has Grounded All Boeing 737 Max Planes Worldwide Over Safety Fears

Пятница, 15 Мар, 2019

Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9 planes will remain grounded for "weeks" until the updates to faulty software are tested, USA lawmakers said after a briefing with Federal Aviation Administration officials.

Quoted in local media reports, Nimalsiri said that Sri Lanka was monitoring the situation closely but no such aircraft was overflying or landing in Sri Lanka at the moment.

Latin America's two largest nations Brazil and Mexico on Wednesday suspended Boeing Co's 737 MAX aircraft from flying, mirroring actions by European, Chinese and US authorities after the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane.

With the Canadian government grounding Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 aircraft citing safety concerns, 41 Canadian airline-owned jets have been taken out of service.

The European Union and 50 other countries grounded the Max 8 before Canada, pending the outcome of an investigation into Sunday's tragedy.

Last October, Indonesia's Lion Air Flight 610 crashed into the ocean 13 minutes after taking off from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

Passenger rights advocate Gabor Lukacs said Wednesday that it would be prudent for Garneau to suspend use of the aircraft until questions are answered about what caused the Ethiopian crash. But the USA regulator says it is safe to fly.

Air Canada, along with Southwest and American Airlines, are the major outliers in resisting a grounding of the fleet.

"Boeing is more than just a company for the USA and Ethiopia can not reasonably expect a judicious outcome from a U.S. investigation", Awo added.

The semi-autonomous Chinese city's Civil Aviation Department (CAD) said it was imposing a temporary suspension from 6 pm local time (1000 GMT) on Wednesday until further notice on "operation of Boeing B737 MAX aircraft into, out of and over Hong Kong".

We sincerely thank all stakeholders for the continued confidence placed in the National Airline of Trinidad and Tobago.

Southwest is the only air carrier with 737 Max planes flying in and out of St. Louis Lambert International Airport, according to airport director Rhonda Hamm-Niebrugge.

Any planes now in the air will fly to their destination and be grounded immediately, Trump said.

This comes after the second fatal crash of a 737 MAX inside of five months, and after Canada, Europe, and others had already opted to ground the plane.