Boeing 373 Max Ban Spreads Around The World

Tuesday, 19 Mar, 2019

After the Ethiopian Airlines crash, aviation experts and pilots have pointed to the MAX 8's low-altitude warning system - where the plane automatically tips the plane down to prevent it from stalling - as one potential reason for the accidents.

What is the MCAS system anyway? The system, based on erroneous sensor inputs, thought the crew was about to stall the plane and repeatedly pushed its nose down, accident investigators said in a preliminary report.

The parallels will be "subject of further study during the investigation", Dagmawit Moges told journalists, without elaborating.

- Boeing has stopped delivery of all new MAX jets to its customers after the crash in Ethiopia on March 10 that killed 157 people.

He added Boeing were supporting the investigation.

Investigators suspect the Lion Air crash may have been caused by an angle of attack sensor on the outside of the plane that transmitted incorrect data, which could have triggered automated flight software called the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS, that forced the plane's nose down. Thousands of Ethiopians have turned out to a mass funeral ceremony in the capital one week after the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash.

U.S. federal prosecutors and regulators have opened an inquiry into the development of Boeing 737 Max airplanes following two fatal crashes, a move that comes as scrutiny is mounting over Boeing and the US's top aviation regulator's role in certifying the aircraft.

The grand jury issued its subpoena on March 11, one day after the Ethopian Airlines crash, according to the person who spoke to The Associated Press.

It marked the second deadly crash in months involving the 737 Max, the newest and fastest-selling aircraft in Boeing's fleet.

Both planes reportedly experienced erratic steep climbs and descents as well as fluctuating airspeeds before crashing shortly after takeoff. Many pilots were able to train briefly on iPads, but couldn't use an on-ground flight simulator, as is customary for new planes, because the technology hadn't been built yet.

Boeing is finalizing a software update and pilot training linked to the MCAS anti-stalling feature, the said on Sunday.

The US on Wednesday joined most countries in grounding the 737 MAX over safety fears.

The US Department of Transportation, along with federal prosecutors at the Justice Department, have launched a probe into the development of the Boeing 737 MAX and issued a subpoena on at least one individual involved in the trouble-ridden plane's development, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Investigators are also looking into a device on nearly all commercial airliners called an angle-of-attack sensor that measures how much lift a plane has and if it can keep flying, per The Washington Post.