Gun law reform within 10 days: New Zealand PM

Tuesday, 19 Mar, 2019

On Saturday, Tarrant appeared in a Christchurch court to face the first of what is expected to be a host of murder charges.

'Charges have been laid, we can expect additional charges, he'll be appearing in the High Court on the 5th of April, so there's obviously a process that needs to be gone through here, ' she said.

"I've informed the police that Gun City sold the alleged gunman four A Category firearms and ammunition", he said.

Authorities in New Zealand reported that 50 people were killed and at least 20 wounded at two mosques on Friday.

The owner of Gun City, a gun shop in New Zealand, said he sold weapons to the attacker.

"All Gun City sales to this individual followed a police verified online mail order process".

'We detected nothing extraordinary about this licence holder, ' he told reporters.

"Because what they have done, if anything, is to increase the love and the feeling we have for our own country and we have also seen the tremendous outpouring of love, what we call aroha here in New Zealand".

Tipple's lawyer, Nicholas Taylor, said police refused the importation of AR15 rifles able to be purchased with a standard licence, arguing the rifles were "born as MSSAs".

This equates to three guns for every 10 people, well below the United States ratio of more than one weapon per person but higher than neighbouring Australia, where gun ownership was slashed in reforms following the 1996 Port Arthur massacre in which 35 people died.

Tipple has battled authorities in the past over the importation of semi-automatic weapons.

The day after a white nationalist killed 50 people in two mosques in Christchurch, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that her cabinet would pursue gun reform in New Zealand.

Police have also confirmed they believe "absolutely" that only one perpetrator was responsible for the attacks during Friday prayers.

Despite having tightened the rules in the 1990s after the last mass shooting, New Zealand has relatively permissive gun laws, with almost all of those who apply granted gun licences.

After Ardern vowed at the weekend to change the gun laws, there were media reports that people were rushing to buy guns before any ban was implemented.

"We did as much as we could to have removed - or seek to have removed - the footage that was being circulated", Ms Ardern said. The attack is the worst to occur in New Zealand in thirty years.

Frustration was building among the families of victims as under Islam it is custom to conduct burials within 24 hours, but bodies will not be released until post mortems are carried out.

Bulgarian Interior Minister Mladen Marinov said Monday that Tarrant had visited the country for tourism, and that authorities probing his trip from November 9-15 a year ago had found no suspicious activities.

Bush said forensic officers and pathologists had been working around the clock to gather the evidence from the bodies needed.

Australian white supremacist Brenton Tarrant was arrested moments after the shootings on Friday.

"They are well and truly looking at this threat, they are dealing with the threat and to think that they've just discovered it or they are coming late to the party is complete rubbish", he said. "I imagine the opposition will be supportive".