Two mass shootings spark gun law debate in New Zealand

Wednesday, 20 Mar, 2019

Tarrant, handcuffed and wearing a white prison suit, stood silently in the Christchurch District Court where he was remanded without a plea.

Two other people were in custody over the incident.

Referenced are Alexandre Bissonnette, who was sentenced to life in prison for the Quebec mosque shooting in 2017, and Luca Traini, who gunned down black immigrants in central Italy past year. "I guess if you look at what happened in New Zealand perhaps that's a case, I don't know enough about it yet".

The killing rampage touched a nerve around the world. He assured all New Zealanders, and in particular the Muslim community, of his "heartfelt solidarity".

Crusaders chief executive Colin Mainsbridge says "yesterday's horrific attacks have left us all feeling stunned".

He also livestreamed to the world in graphic detail his assault on the worshippers at Christchurch's Al Noor Mosque.

The graphic 17-minute video shared on social media purports to show a portion of the attack.

At one stage the shooter returns to his vehicle, changes weapons, reenters the mosque and again begins shooting. It shows the shooting from his perspective - a chilling record of mass violence that police have warned people not to share.

At an old gravesite, excavators were called in to remove the vast amount of earth needed to bury the dead, although police have not yet been able to release the bodies to anxious families.

A court order was also made to pixelate Tarrant's face as identification would become part of the case against him.

Ardern said some of the guns had been modified to make them deadlier. The brutal shootings were previewed on an infamous Internet message board and then graphically live-streamed on Facebook. "All the people you pray with, you see beside you." he added, his voice trailing off. Turkish state broadcaster TRT, citing Turkish authorities, said officials were investigating whether Tarrant was in the country "to carry out a terror attack and/or an assassination".

In his manifesto, he wrote in all capital letters: "Why won't somebody do something?"

The two-year-old boy was reported to be in stable condition, as was the 13-year-old.

Four Indians - one from Hyderabad, a woman from Kerala and two from Gujarat-were among those killed in the Christchurch terror attack in New Zealand on Saturday, their families confirmed to TOI on Saturday.

Ardern outlined that five guns were used by the perpetrator - who held a gun license - out of which two were semi-automatic weapons and two were shotguns.

'I can tell you one thing right now - our gun laws will change, ' she said.

Tarrant reportedly went to Europe after his father died of cancer in 2010 and came back a different man, Mrs Fitzgerald said. It was the latest sign that a lethal vision of white nationalism has spread internationally. Judge Paul Kellar did not reveal the victim's name on grounds of undue hardship to his family.

"An attack on the Muslin community is an attack on us, on Christchurch and on New Zealand", Dalziel said.

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush said a further examination of the crime scene allowed them to find another victim.