Twitter expands dark mode options on iOS

Monday, 01 Apr, 2019

Twitter launched its so-called dark mode a few months back. Doing so will give you two options - "Dim" and "Lights out". That has finally arrived.

Lights Out comes as a separate feature under the original Dark mode in that you have to enable Dark mode first before you can get to the new options. After a not-so-dark mode on its web and Android versions, Twitter is now bringing an actual one to iOS users. That's according to Engadget, who got a statement on Android support from Twitter.

Go the Twitter iOS app's Settings and Privacy section. They also attached a GIF showing how to setup the new dark mode. Now, the microblogging site has announced that it is tweaking the Night Mode on the platform in order to provide users with even darker shades. I always prefer the darkest of modes, so this is certainly welcomed by me.

You see, many modern phones use OLED screens that can turn off bright pixels when displaying a pure black colour, which, in turn, is less taxing on your device's battery.

There's no word on when this feature will make it to Android. Twitter says as much, arguing that a proper black background helps reduce eye strain in low-lit environments. This feature is actually called night mode which is actually a dark navy, rather than black or grey.

Of course, the announcement has been met with the usual hail of 'Where's the edit button?' responses, and Twitter still has various other issues to fix which are more significant than a dark mode.