How Liverpool just equalled one of Man City’s personal Premier League records

Tuesday, 02 Apr, 2019

"Liverpool have given themselves a chance to win their first league title in three decades and I just hope the critics wake up and realise they have been incredible this season, whatever happens from here".

We'll warn you, though: this quiz is much harder than you might expect, and by the end you'll nearly definitely be tearing out what little hair you have left.

Being good isn't all it takes to win a championship, you need to be lucky too.

That means Liverpool will record the fourth highest points total in Premier League history and become the only team to get over 90 points and not win the title at the end of the season.

"I think City have got an advantage, not just because of the point if they win their game in hand", the eight-time Premier League champion said on the Gary Neville Podcast.

"But now there's no other option, we don't have any other choice, so every game we have to win, if not you drop that competition".

"I think there's one picture where Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane are sat together on the bench at Leicester. Harry did it the hard way".

"I don't see Tottenham and Chelsea at home as the games that will catch Liverpool out". But I think the team behaved very well throughout the game, we managed to control the game well, we managed to neutralise their attack.

"We are top of the table", Klopp said.

"It is about trying to make the right decision, whether it's give-and-goes and trying to get to the byline or a bit of a deeper cross like today".

Although having played once more than their rivals, the victory was celebrated monumentally in Merseyside, with even Jamie Carragher showing his allegiance on live commentary.

"But that's the challenge", Guardiola told Sky Sports. We are disappointed but knowing realistically we must be happy.

"With all the circumstances happening this season, they are more than heroes, and we need to keep the trust and confidence, and of course we are going to fight to be in the Champions League".

Over the next 20 minutes, Liverpool went all out, but Tottenham were calm under pressure and nearly caught them on the counter-attack, but a unsafe 2-on-1 opportunity ended with Mousa Sissoko firing the ball into the stands.