News of AAF suspending operations puts Fleet, fans in limbo

Wednesday, 03 Apr, 2019

CBS Sports spoke to a source close to the AAF and could confirm that operations were suspended at least for the day, and "probably indefinitely" with control owner Tom Dundon making the call.

Sources also say that numerous league's vendors have not been paid yet and it's unclear if Dundon or the previous ownership should foot those bills.

Founded and led by television producer Charlie Ebersol, the Alliance of American Football is also backed in part by Peter Thiel's Founders Fund, The Chernin Group, and venture capitalist Keith Rabois.

"A players' union official did express serious concerns about the risks of lending active National Football League players to the AAF".

"I sincerely regret that many that believed in this project will see their hopes and efforts unrewarded".

Instead, McMahon made a decision to restart his own league; it is scheduled to launch next year.

Darren Rovell from The Action Network says the league's future is now in doubt just weeks from the postseason beginning and roughly a month from its first championship game.

Manziel was helped off the field and later ruled out from coming back into the game.

Memphis Express quarterback Johnny Manziel took to Twitter to comment on the reports, noting that the AAF's problems have plagued similar leagues in the past.

Regardless of all the chatter about fans wanting football in the spring, we continue to wait for a secondary pro league to succeed in America.

If this is the end of the AAF, then it won't have lasted even as long as the original XFL did which was one season. "If this company has a chance to survive, if the football is good enough that this has a runway where people are engaged, it will change sports".