Justin Bieber Responds to Backlash Over April Fools' Fake Pregnancy Announcement

Thursday, 04 Apr, 2019

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are expecting their first child, turns out to be April Fools prank. "Always classy to do the April fools joke pregnancy, especially when so many [people] struggle with infertility", one person commented.

In case you missed it, yesterday afternoon Justin posted a photo of a sonogram to Instagram, which instantly sparked buzz that he and Hailey Baldwin were expecting. Later on, Justin Bieber took to Instagram in order to apologise to his fans for the prank done by him.

"If U thought it was April fools", alongside a snap of her bump.

The Miscarriage Association condemned Bieber's post, with spokesperson Ruth Bender Atik telling Standard Online: "I don't suppose Justin thought for a moment that it might cause upset".

The joke immediately sparked a backlash, with fans branding the post "classless" and "not amusing".

Justin had to face the wrath of social media users.

"Very amusing", Baldwin commented on the post, People reported. A day later, the 25-year-old pop singer issued an apology of sorts on his Instagram, particularly directed towards those who were offended by his previous posts and not exactly for his prank.

"1 in 8 women struggle with infertility and 1 in 4 have experienced infant loss. think again before posting a tasteless joke", one woman wrote.

"Justin Bieber joking about Hayley (sic) being pregnant is soooooo insensitive considering there's so many women out there that can not get pregnant or have lost children", one person tweeted. "But I will apologise anyway and take responsibility and say sorry to people who were offended".

Sources insist the whole thing was a prank, but just a few days ago, Justin wrote a note to fans about focusing on himself and putting music on hold so that he can "be the father I want to be".

Bieber then likened the unintentional outcome of his prank to that of shoving birthday cake in his little sister's face.