Google Confirms Arrival of Pixel 4 via Android Open Source Project

Saturday, 06 Apr, 2019

Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, the much-talked-about "lite" models of the Pixel family, have recently been certified by the IMDA (Info-communications Media Development Authority) of Singapore, suggesting an upcoming launch. It marked down the phones around Valentine's Day this year.

The Pixel 2XL was probably Google's most competitive smartphone to date. In fact, the only way we could get it to send a text was by replying to an incoming one, while prompts to send outbound messages were answered by "I can't send Google Voice messages". There are some retailers who have the availability of the phone in the stock. "If I had a Pixel 4 device, I probably wouldn't have bothered with 4.9 in the first place". Word on the street is both Nokia and Motorola are about to add the call screen feature that now only works on US Pixel devices, to Android One handsets. The phones are expected to get at least one more major Android upgrade after the Android Pie. You simply go to the site, sign in, opt-in to the beta and agree to Google's terms (basically saying this is unfinished software) and you're all set. Specifically, these curious listings have popped up in the Google Play Developer Console, which allows app developers to view specifications of various Android phones so they can determine whether or not their apps should support those devices.

Released in November, the Pixel 3 XL earned top marks in PCMag's review and praise for its fast performance, big, handsome OLED screen, excellent front and rear cameras, and more. Many people had disagreed with the feature and suspected it was a bug causing the corners and notches to look like that. But today, on April 2, Google has officially chose to shut down this app. "You can use the API to specify a preferred direction of the microphone when taking an audio recording".