EU's Tusk Wants to Offer Britain Another Year to Sort out Brexit

Sunday, 07 Apr, 2019

The Labour Party, the main opposition in Britain, on Friday accused the British government of failing to offer real change or compromise during the talks to end the current Brexit deadlock.

Mr Hammond is not part of the negotiating team and while he may have an open mind to the talks, others in the cabinet will want the government's red lines to remain as indelible as ever. May is looking to find a solution that the Labour Party can support ahead of a European Council summit on April 10.

May is racing against the clock in a desperate bid to get her deal approved in time for an European Union leaders' summit in Brussels on Wednesday, when a formal decision on any extension will be made.

Talks between Theresa May's Government and Jeremy Corbyn's Labour aimed at finding a Brexit breakthrough have stalled, with one of the key players describing a "disappointing" lack of progress. Two junior ministers have resigned, and more could follow.

For those who are unaware of Brexit.

Hammond, however, told reporters on Saturday he was upbeat about breaking the impasse. "There is going to be pain on both sides".

Jacob Rees-Mogg is the MP for North East Somerset and a prominent campaigner for Britain to exit the European Union at the earliest possible opportunity, even if it means leaving with no deal, which many economists say would cause a financial crisis at least in the short term.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves his home in north London. There are further crisis talks today. That's a scenario Parliament is working to prevent, and May has said she won't lead the country out of the bloc without a deal unless lawmakers consent to it.

"The clock is ticking down and with just a matter of days before the deadline to a catastrophic no-deal exit, it is clear that the only way to end the Brexit impasse is by bringing this back to the people in a fresh European Union referendum - with remain on the ballot paper". Boles will continue to sit in the House of Commons as an independent MP.

"If we are not able to understand the reason why the United Kingdom is asking for an extension, we can not give a positive answer", said French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.

Experts have warned for years that the Parliament building, one of London's most famous landmarks, needs urgent repairs. Only five Conservative MPs took part in the debate. A motion to hold a third series of indicative votes on Monday, 8 April, was initially tied with 310 votes for and 310 against; but was rejected after Speaker of the House John Bercow cast the deciding vote - the first time the Speaker has had to cast a tiebreaking vote in the House of Commons since 1993.

Yet the hours of mockery and threats through the night at the summit are unlikely to result in an attempt to boot out the United Kingdom without a deal. If we can not secure a majority among Conservative and DUP MPs we have no choice but to reach out across the House of Commons.

If the Bill is passed by the Lords, it would go for Royal Assent.

But the Conservative Party is divided over Brexit, with many MPs rebelling against the whips, effectively voiding the government's majority.

"No-one will believe anything said in a manifesto we put out".

The EU is not compelled to agree.

European leaders, such as French President Emmanuel Macron, have said they want to hear a clear reason as to why Brexit should be delayed any further - a move that would add to uncertainties weighing on business across the bloc.

Some EU leaders fear that Britain's participation in the European Parliament vote will help boost the standing of anti-EU parties due to their popularity among Brexit-backing Britons. The U.K. was meant to leave March 29, but leaders hit pause at a late-night summit to avoid an economically disruptive no-deal split.