23 arrests made after Michigan State Final Four loss

Monday, 08 Apr, 2019

Police are working to identify those responsible for vandalism and property damage that happened in Lubbock after Texas Tech's win against Michigan St.in the Final Four Saturday night.

Virginia was leading 63-62 when teammate Ty Jerome "double dribbled" the ball - picking it up and continuing to dribble after it bounced off his ankle during the game on Saturday. However, they lost five games to unranked teams (most of any Final Four team), including a pair to Indiana.

While the win was spectacular, the celebrations will likely go down in Texas Tech's history as well. "We've got good players".

"Those are the greats, definitely, got to be top two", he said. He has played all but 10 minutes in the tournament and scored 76 points with 31 assists and just 11 turnovers. "I'll put on my big-boy trousers and say, 'Yeah, I've been here eight times and won one, '" Izzo said, "but I'll keep knocking on the door". "I didn't think I fouled him, but. the refs thought otherwise", Doughty said. Assuming you could get past the embarrassment of the missed call, you had been treated to what makes it so great to watch a big-time sporting event with no rooting interest.

If it feels like Virginia's supposed to win Monday night, maybe it's because it is. A close game, good action, heck, a controversial finish to debate before moving onto the nightcap between Texas Tech and Michigan State.

None of those three have been a head coach in a Final Four, which means just like their starstruck players gazing in wonder at the cavernous home of the Minnesota Vikings, this is all new to them: the golf carts to whisk them around the arena, the demanding press schedule, the constant attention back home and now in downtown Minneapolis, where their pictures are displayed just about everywhere.

The next lowest over/under came during the 2010 National Championship Game between Duke and Butler, which closed at 127.5.

"Big time. He's going to be a future Hall of Famer", senior guard Brandone Francis said. What did you think? "We need each other". He knew there would be questions about his foul of Kyle Guy with 0.6 seconds remaining.

"These are moments that every basketball player has dreamed of, hitting the game-winning shot or free throws or whatever", Guy said.

'Man I really wanna cry right now, ain't gonna lie, but I don't want to take away from Virginia's joy even though, man, I wanna cry right now, ' said CBS analyst and Auburn alum, Charles Barkley. I'm proud of Izzo and the team.

Jerome led all scorers with 21 points.

When Chris Beard took over as Texas Tech basketball coach, his first goal was to make his program relevant in the Big 12.