USA wants United Nations to revoke credentials of Maduro’s government

Суббота, 13 Апр, 2019

But almost two months later, much of the aid continues to sit at the Venezuela-Colombia border. Maduro has remained in office with the help of the Venezuelan military while the U.S., South American and European governments recognize Guaido.

Maduro blames US sanctions for the country's economic problems and dismisses Guaido as a USA puppet.

Recently, ICRC President Peter Maurer met with Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro, government ministry officials, and members of the legislature to tackle how the ICRC can fortify its cooperation and respond to the needs of Venezuelans while working within the principles of the Red Cross Movement.

Venezuela's national assembly leader Juan Guaido in January challenged the legitimacy of embattled leader Nicolas Maduro as the country's acute economic crisis worsened.

Last year, Maduro used his speech at the annual General Assembly to tell the world that Venezuela is "stronger than ever" despite the desperate economic and humanitarian crisis ravaging the country's basic ability to function.

In his announcement Wednesday, Maduro said this new aid campaign should be "managed without political maneuvering, without farcical politicization and through the channels of legality and respect".

Shortages of food and medical supplies are sending prices skyrocketing. That leaves people's wages all but worthless.

"It is clearly the case that the former leadership of Venezuela - the Maduro regime - is a true threat the United States of America", Pompeo told the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee during a hearing Wednesday, citing Russia's military and political support for the Venezuelan government, as well as the alliances between Maduro and other US adversaries like Cuba and Iran.

And while CARICOM has held meetings with other groups including the United Nations, the African Union, the European Union and Russian Federation on the Venezuelan crisis, the leaders of Jamaica, St Lucia, Haiti and the Bahamas met independently on the crisis with the US President Donald Trump, who is at the centre of the ongoing diplomatic row with the Nicolas Maduro administration in Caracas.

"An investigation into attacks on Venezuela has identified one more terrorist group - Cocoon 2.0- which included Leopoldo Lopez and Carlos Vecchio, among other opposition members", Rodriguez said on Thursday, as aired by a Venezuelan state-run TV broadcaster.

Pence spoke directly to Venezuela's ambassador to the United Nations, saying he should return to Venezuela and tell Maduro his time is up.

"Up to this point, while other worldwide bodies have acted, the United Nations and this Security Council have refused to act", he continued. Russia, China, Turkey and other countries recognise Maduro's authority. Washington, meanwhile, continues to introduce new sanctions to cripple Venezuela's oil exports and prevent the Latin American nation from conducting trade.

Media Stakeout by Mr. Mike Pence, Vice President of the U.S., on the situation in Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Venezuel's collpase has driven more than 3.4 million people from the country and that figure is expected to reach 5.3 million by the end of the year, according to the UN.