It's the first to globally release a foldable phone — Samsung did it

Среда, 17 Апр, 2019

Samsung said the larger screen is created to offer a new way to multitask, watch videos, play games and more by displaying up to three windows simultaneously. On the front, the device has an 8MP front camera with f/2.0 aperture. Watch the full video below to see the Galaxy Fold in action, and if you're interested, Jaime unboxed the phone on Instagram. It felt like holding a TV remote control, but heavier.

It's happening. In a little under two weeks from now, the world's first foldable smartphone will go on sale.

Even so, he says the Fold "gets a lot things right". To close the phone, you click it out of the open position and snap the sides shut.

You can pay the full $1980 outright cost if you'd like, or finance it for $66/month over the course of 30 months with 0% April. The Galaxy Fold is a groundbreaking device that marks a new chapter in smartphone form factor, one that combines a tablet and smartphone into one.

As with anything that folds, there's a crease.

As for his thoughts on the crease, he said it wasn't distracting and "was nearly invisible unless I viewed it from an extreme angle". Samsung had revealed the display specs when it announced the completion of the foldable device in February, but it had not disclosed the weight and thickness. After you submit a request to unlock your device, it will take as long as 48 hours to get a response to your request from AT&T. I tried out a few - YouTube and vehicle racing game "Asphalt" - that transitioned seamlessly between both screens. But I'm still not convinced that "app continuity" is something I need.

Numerous features Samsung touted on stage when unveiling the Galaxy Fold worked easily and fluidly in use.

Stay tuned for our Galaxy Fold hands on review.

The device comes with a total of 6 cameras - a 10MP selfie camera on the cover, a 10MP + 8MP dual-camera selfie camera on the inside, and a 12MP main + 12MP telephoto + 16MP ultra-wide-angle triple camera combo at the rear.

Samsung implemented Qualcomm's ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint scanner to maximize screen space while avoiding the notch it made fun of in anti-iPhone ads.

The leaker posted a tweet that read "Note 10 Pro", suggesting this could be what Samsung decides to call at least one model of its next phablet.