New premier of Canada's Alberta to roll back environmental protections

Saturday, 20 Apr, 2019

Kenney's distaste for the NDP and federal government's carbon plan could create its own headache.

The new government can't do much about oil and gas prices, but the UCP hopes it can still lure investment by streamlining regulations and reducing costs on industry.

He says that will change now that party.

"He's going to face some of the same challenges that (Alberta NDP premier) Rachel Notley had".

Kenney and his new government are to be sworn in April 30, with a spring legislature sitting starting a few weeks after that.

Ken Rasmussen, the director of the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Regina, said Kenney's election is obviously good news for Moe. The UCP leader already voted in the advance polls.

In 2015, the conservative vote (52 per cent) was split between the Wildrose Party and the Progressive Conservatives.

"These are all exceptional initiatives that will assist in bringing back a more stable investment environment in Alberta and Canadian energy and bring back foreign and Canadian investment in energy - and job opportunities for Albertans", he said.

Marg McCuaig-Boyd, the province's former energy minister, has lost her seat in Central Peace-Notley.

In both Grande Prairie ridings, students voted in the UCP.

"Albertans have elected a government obsessed with getting Albertans back to work", Premier-elect Kenney said in his victory speech, having overcome some candidate-related turbulence to win with a promise of protecting the oil and gas industry.

Mandel, running in Edmonton-McClung, is projected to finish in third place.

For the first time since 1993, representatives from only two of Alberta's political parties will be heading to the legislature. Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May has been in Charlottetown campaigning hard for Bevan-Baker.

The 73-year-old served as mayor of Edmonton for three straight terms. However, numerous seats are locked in.

Calgary is seen by many as the key battleground in the election.

Reported results show United Conservatives won 63 seats, while the NDP held just 24.

When the federal Conservative government under Stephen Harper tried the same thing by auditing environmental charities, their donations skyrocketed.

"If there's a different federal government in power in Ottawa, at the time of the provincial election here, that can change the dynamic". Notley said her success working with Trudeau - or picking her fights with him as necessary - is what led to progress on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to the B.C. coast.

A year earlier, Notley's NDP had taken power in a shocking landslide that reduced the once-mighty Progressive Conservatives to 10 seats from 61. One of the interests he called out by name is the Tides Foundation, which heads the list of left-wing saboteurs for many conservatives beyond Canada's borders.

The outcome of the next election depends on whether Trudeau is able to attack the hostile premiers, painting them as white supremacist, sexist knuckle draggers scheming with Andrew Scheer to turn Canada into a dystopia from The Handmaid's Tale.

The opposition, meanwhile, viewed Kenney's remarks as a threat.

"I think Prime Minister Trudeau knows that if we can't get coastal access for our energy, that this new government will vigorously stand up for Alberta", he said.

Nearly 700,000 people voted early in malls, airports, recreation centres, public buildings and an Ikea store.