HBO Having None Of Donald Trump's "Game Of Thrones" Meme

Sunday, 21 Apr, 2019

Considering those new heights of secrecy I mentioned earlier, it seems probable that Game of Thrones set photographer Helen Sloan took these photos with the express goal of revealing as little as possible about what's going to happen in the episode. It was viewed across illegal streams, downloads and torrents as per a survey conducted by analytics firm MUSO.

Game Of Thrones has always been a target for pirates, but the scale of the problem just keeps accelerating, despite the best efforts of the TV industry to control illegal streams, downloads and torrents. Several minutes of nudity and violence were also cut from the official Chinese version of GOT, which could be the reason why people resorted to illegal watching.

Unlicensed streams were the biggest source of illegal views, accounting to nearly 76.6%. It was followed closely by China, with 5.2 million views. Officially, HBO had 17.4 million viewers for the first episode across its three platforms, the premium cable channel, and streaming services, HBO Go and HBO Now. Now, HBO has revealed the viewership numbers of the episode, and it beats all records that have been set by the show. Amusingly, the United States stood third with just shy of 4 million views despite HBO's easy accessibility.

The last time Mr Trump shared a tweet using Game Of Thrones imagery was in November 2018, when he riffed on the show's "Winter is coming", slogan to write "Sanctions are coming". The first episode trended crazily on Twitter in India.

As you can see, the words "game over" are written in an extremely GoT font, making this the second time the president has used the HBO show to publicize his agenda.

This means the number of actual people watching Game of Thrones illegally is likely to be much higher than 55 million.