Samsung delays folding phone launch after breaking issues

Tuesday, 23 Apr, 2019

Investigations are now underway within the company to find out what caused some reviewer's screens to break.

Worse for Samsung is that the brand image of the device is likely forever harmed. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Fold has been having some problems in the hands of reviewers.

While no reasons have been provided for the Hong Kong delay, Engadget, quoting National Business Daily, is reporting that the South Korean chaebol has cancelled the Shanghai event citing issues with the venue.

When attempting to log into a Samsung Account through the Galaxy Wearable app, the companion application for all of Samsung's recent wearable devices, only a white screen is visible.

In addition, they also mentioned that they will ensure that the warning message for its protective layer will be delivered clearly to customers.

After reports broke of four devices failing right off the bat, we've been watching carefully to see if any new reports would surface. Samsung does have a reputation for making excellent displays, but poor first impressions on a brand new product are hard to get past. Launching a Galaxy Fold that breaks too easily could anchor the idea that folding devices are too fragile for use in the minds of consumers.

This isn't the first time Samsung's ambition to be first to the market has come back to bite in on the ass.

Update: Samsung has now released a statement on the Galaxy Fold situation.

Speculation about problems with the Galaxy Fold's design first arose last month. The Galaxy Fold is expected to be priced around Rs 1,40,790 in India. However, Samsung quickly reiterated that the April 26th launch plans would not be changed in the U.S. Unfortunately, that's not the case in China, Singapore, and Spain. A new official release date has not yet been announced.

Gurman did remove the protective layer from the display of his review unit (which looks like a screen protector), so this may have contributed to, or maybe even caused, the issue.