"Game Of Thrones:" Funniest Memes From The New Episode

Thursday, 25 Apr, 2019

Last week's episode ended with tension at an all-time high for the hit fantasy series as the White Walkers approached Winterfell, teasing the massive upcoming battle that took a total of 55-nights to shoot.

The second episode of Game of Thrones was another series of reunions, quiet moments, and character arcs paying off years of development. So far in the two episodes of season eight, we have not caught a single glimpse at the Night King and even as the heroes and their armies wait for him at Winterfell, he may not even greet them at their gates at all. He will ride along with his dragon to King's Landing and destroy everyone there. When she woke up, you know what she did? I have a feeling he can't... but what if Bran Stark goes down there? We know he was created by the Children of the Forest and has a particular fondness for circular patterns, but what are his real plans and motives?

It's cold and there's nothing in the distance, however, it's clear that the Night King and his army are waiting in the darkness.

Another added: "To those of you concerned that the crypts of Winterfell aren't safe, I'd say those title credits with the stones turning over down there aren't for nothing".

Whatever you personally believe, the notion that Bran said the Night King is after him to wipe out his memory could be a huge ruse.

What if, in a very non-Game of Thrones fashion, everything works out okay?

Concerned fans have spotted a major problem for the next episode ofGame of Thrones - and it all concerns the crypts of Winterfell. The two of them as a couple would mean that they understand each other on a deeper level that no one else ever could or would.

According to Yahoo Movies, at least one character from each snapshot will perish in the coming battle.

Only the final season 8 premiere, the season seven finale (which garnered 12.07 million viewers), and the seventh episode of season seven (10.72 million) had more viewers than Sunday's offering.